Bluebonnet After School Program

Bluebonnet's after-school program is fun and is a well-deserved break from school. Youngsters arrive hungry as they are delivered to our campus on our buses, weary of sitting most the day in classrooms. They are served right away a delicious, nutritious snack, as they take the opportunity to enjoy friends, chatting and catching up for the day. Budding relationships often grow into friends for life. Homework is a priority, with our staff supervising and assisting with tasks.

Regular activities each afternoon include supervised time on our playground, pool or water park (weather permitting), computer opportunities, art and science projects, cooking projects, soccer games, special projects, and free play time.

Our buses can take children to nearby elementary schools in the mornings and pick them up in the afternoons. Buses are equipped with factory-installed, 3-point, child-sized seat belts. The specific elementary schools served vary each year; check with head of school to determine which schools are currently served. Full-day activities and exciting field trips are available during spring break and elementary school teacher training days.

Here is Canyon Creek's Playground, above is Cedar Park's