Pre-K & Kindergarten Prep

Bluebonnet’s Kindergarten Prep readies children At Bluebonnet School we believe children learn best in a nurturing environment where there are frequent positive interactions with caring, degreed and experienced teachers.

The program provides a balance of active movement and rest during the program day. Children experience an organized environment and feel secure, relaxed and comfortable as they go about their daily routine.

Bluebonnet’s Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Prep programs ready childrento enter kindergarten with confidence socially and academically.

The targeted, individualized curriculum at Bluebonnet meets each child’s individual developmental needs. Our program fosters children’s emerging literacy skills, while still giving those beginning readers a strong opportunity to learn and grow in their skills. Mathematics, education and science are pivotal parts of our curriculum, beginning with hands-on activities using manipulative and personal experience to teach concepts.

Developmental progress assessments assessments are based on careful individual observations of social, emotional, cognitive, language and even physical development. We focus on the "whole child". The curriculum is adapted to each child, according to his or developmental level and skills set

Activities using large muscles outdoors are interspersed with quieter indoor time enabling children to concentrate better and focus more easily on classroom learning activities. Our children go outside at least twice a day for forty-five minutes, enjoying free play on our exciting playscapes and soccer field.

An immersion Spanish class and music class are routinely taught to every child each week by our own Bluebonnet highly qualified teachers.