Bluebonnet Toddler Care Program

Our small group sizes allow our toddler teachers to work with each child individually, to get to know each child, establishing a warm and loving relationship with each child.

Active and curious, toddlers thrive in an environment that is tailored to their specific needs. At Bluebonnet, toddlers are grouped according to age into either our young toddler class for children 18-24months or our toddler program for two’s.

Independence is an emerging skill for toddlers, as their bodies grow and develop, they begin to master skills that will lead toward independence in self-help skills such as toilet learning, dressing and eating. Our toddler curriculum is filled with activities that strengthen these skills. We offer classes to parents to help on toilet learning to help ensure that this stage of development is a smooth and pleasant transition.

Sign language continues to be a big part of our toddler program. With the use of sign language young children who are continuing to master their language skills have a way to communicate easily. Using a few basic signs that we will teach to parents as well, sign language is proven to lessen a toddlers frustrations and increase language skills.

Our math curriculum starts in the toddler program, as toddlers explore new materials they learn concepts like rough and smooth, big and small, heavy and light. They touch feel and explore, build and take apart.

Toddlers love to sing;it is the pathway to learning literacy, language, math and other essential skills. In addition to singing with their teachers daily, our toddler enjoying a visit from our resident music teacher each week.

Our Playgrounds and water parkare specially designed for active toddlers. Running and climbing, pushing and pulling, dumping and filling are all activities that toddlers enjoy. We have designed a spacious play area just for them. In the warmer months toddlers love to splash and explore on our beautiful water park.