Schedule a Visit

I’m interested in enrolling my child. What’s the next step?

We can’t wait to meet you. Please let us know when you would like to come in for a visit. You can schedule a personal visit online if you wish or call or drop by to see us at any time. While we highly suggest an onsite appointment, we know you are busy and will do our best to accommodate your schedule. An administrator will show you around the school and introduce you and your child to classroom teachers and let you observe how the students in our program are progressing.

If we have a waiting list we may not be able to admit your child right away.

Do not despair. If this is where you want your child to be, we will do everything we can to accommodate you. We understand the need to feel like your child is in the best school for them. Our enrollment cycle is dynamic and our wait list is realistic. Our staff should be able to provide a good approximation of when you could expect to have your child enrolled.

Openings often occur when current families move to another community or change employment. Since we require parents to give notice at the beginning of their child’s last month, we usually know at the beginning of a month if there will be an opening the following month.

When a child is accepted for enrollment, the parent will be asked to visit the school with the child to discuss the enrollment process with the head of school so that we ensure your child is plced in a classroom that will best match his or her developmental needs.


The first form the parent must submit to register is the Bluebonnet’s Registration Form, which asks for more family information, medical consent forms and parental releases, along with the necessary fees. Before your child can attend, parents also submit either the Preschool Health Form or the School-age Health form with immunization records from the child’s health provider for our files.