Bluebonnet Summer Camp

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Children’s curiosity about the world does not take a summer vacation. Keeping children active, having fun with their minds exploring new ideas is our goal. Our program is designed for children who have finished kindergarten through 4th grade. Take a look at the exciting summer we have planned. You can register your child today.

Most children have had challenging learning experiences in the past few months. Our summer day camp will provide fun with friends, a regular routine, a safe and sanitary environment and an opportunity to learn about other countries before beginning school in the fall.

Our very nurturing and knowledgeable permanent teaching staff have many years’ experience and welcome your family to our program.

Camp Highlights

  • Reconnect with old friends and meet new friends
  • Frequent water play on our own water park & pool
  • Open at 6:45 & close at 6:30
  • Lunches, snacks, sunscreen, and field trips included in fees
  • Internet viewing of classrooms giving parents peace of mind
  • Enormous outdoor spaces & soccer field
  • Available for kids finishing K - 4th grade
  • Available by the week for family convenience

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Swim Lessons by image at Bluebonnet Cedar Park

Waterloo Swimming will offer weekly swim lessons to Cedar Park campers at our pool from June 1st till August 17th. Register your swimming lessons on Waterloo's online portal

There will be learn-to-swim lessons as well as more advanced lessons on improving strokes. Of course, kids starting swim lessons will be evaluated in order to place them in an appropriate class. Read more about swim lessons here

Summer Camp Rates

1 Week Session