Our Parents Tell Us . . .

Hands down the best investment we've made in our children. Both kids started at Bluebonnet at 18 months. They are now 7 and 9 and attend the after school and summer camp programs. The teachers throughout the years have all been stellar and constant. They hire the best. We will miss them when we leave. -C.R.

You did a fantastic job with S. She loves this school and all of her teachers. We all will sincerely miss the Bluebonnet family! -G.S.

Both my kids have loved their teachers and friends all their years – great facility, waterpark and lots of fun & educational times. –M.T.

My children have attended Bluebonnet School since 2019. After relocating to Cedar Park from out of state, the school and staff have been a warm, extended family for my children. The school continuously seeks ways to improve. My questions and feedback are welcomed by the administrators. Teachers are skilled and specifically trained to teach young children. Their curriculum mirrors the public schools and my oldest child, who is now in first grade, was set up for success day one in Kindergarten. -E.V.

This school is amazing and I am sad to leave it. Communication is great. Meal programs, convenient. D. has grown so much here! This school is clean and well organized. Safety is topnotch. Staff is nurturing and loving which has helped D. feel loved and comfortable. Every concern of mine was answered. Great School ! K.D.

I love walking in/out of the school – we are always greeted with a smile and a hello and the staff remembers the names of kids well. I appreciate the patience our teachers have with both my son and myself. It is obvious the kids LOVE the teachers and are getting lots of attention & interaction. -P.B.

"Mommy, can I go to school every day?" is the question we got when our son finished his first day at Bluebonnet. After nearly 1-1/2 years he still loves school. As an active 4-1/2 year old, he thrives on the educational activities, the group and individual projects, the outdoor play, the enrichment opportunities and the dedication of his teachers.

I can't say enough about the teachers. He's only on his second teacher since he began at Bluebonnet and that's because he moved to the next class. The lead teachers are all degreed and/or credentialed and are there because they want to be there. This was huge to us as parents, as we'd had a different experience at other schools.

The leadership and administrative staff are always helpful and professional and truly know and love our son. And, we love the parent involvement and the class activities we're invited to (ex. celebrations for Mother's and Father's Day, holidays, etc.)

All-in-all, we feel our little guy is in a great position to succeed in kindergarten and attribute a large part of that to his time at Bluebonnet! -J.S.

My son started Bluebonnet at age 2 and went through all ages until he graduated into Kindergarten last year. My daughter is in the infant program now. All in we have experienced every age level of Bluebonnet's education and care programs over the last 6 years. Tip to tail this is a superior school. My husband and I vetted about a dozen schools in the Cedar Park/2222/620 area and were shocked by the lackluster options. Bluebonnet is by far the best program in this area. Many of the teachers are as close as family members and love our children as if they were their own. These teachers have gotten to know our children over many years, relish in seeing them learn and grow, and take great pride in their lesson plans and working with our children. Their programs strike the perfect balance of professionalism, warmth, flexibility and structure. They have bilingual classes and their meal plans are superior to the offerings we saw at other schools, which are both a big priorities for us. We love the secure video monitor feeds that we can see our children on at any time, and the private rooms for breast feeding if I want to pop in and feed on my lunch break. Their facilities are exceptionally clean and diverse. I cannot stress enough, my husband and I have exceptionally high standards when it comes to childcare and Bluebonnet has continued to exceed our expectations.

I am eternally thankful for the amazing women at Bluebonnet and highly recommend them as the best childcare facility in our area. -K.G.

The teachers, assistants and staff are very caring and loving. The school offers a balanced program of academics, social and fun studies. We are confident that J. is well prepared to go to kindergarten. -A.R.

Her teachers have been wonderful! She has grown socially and academically. We also like the “Watch Me Grow” video feed, and the opportunities for extra-curricular classes -C.D.

[I like] The structured environment and hands on care the school provided. I really like the small ratios and individualized play areas. -T.Z.

E. has been coming here since he was 6 weeks old. He has flourished here and is actually happy to come to school every day. I know that it’s because his teachers work so hard to make his time here safe, fun, meaningful, and nurturing. I appreciate all they do for him. And thanks to the staff for being sweet to the all of the children all of the time. -H.P.

The staff was stellar. It has been such a pleasure having our son surrounded by incredible people in a warm and loving and positive environment. Thank you to all for a wonderful introduction to school for G. -H.A.

The curriculum was excellent. You were quick to respond to issues and the parent/teacher conferences were very informative and helpful. -C.D.

E. and I have been really enjoying our experience with the Bluebonnet School! We really appreciate all the great care and love that E. received from his teachers and staff members of Bluebonnet. He has been learning new skills and practicing them all the time. He is doing great with his teachers and friends at Bluebonnet, and he is doing better and better with people he doesn’t know. It’s great to see him so happy to go to school every morning, which made me feel much easier for having to leave him for the day. Thank you all so much and please keep up the great work! -E.L.

I love bringing my boys to Bluebonnet. I have especially enjoyed J.’s relationship with his teachers this year. They are wonderful teachers who foster J.’s developmental growth. J. often tells me that [his teacher] M. is his best friend. This MELTS my heart. I love knowing my boys are happy & comfortable in their home away from home. [His teacher] E. brought a Superman cape to school because she knows how much J. loves Superman. It’s this type of thoughtful care that reminds me my children are in good hands! -C.D.

We have enjoyed Bluebonnet’s dedication to diverse experiences and educations activities in the classroom ranging from the butterflies, growing plants, music & Spanish classes and science experiments. -A.S.