Credentialed, Loving Teachers

We hire the very best teachers - teachers with experience in early childhood education who have a loving, nurturing manner with young children. We require our preschool lead teachers for threes, fours and fives to have four-year degrees in early childhood or a related field. Several of our lead teachers for twos and under also hold early childhood degrees, but we require at least a CDA (Child Development Associates) credential. We offer our employees full benefits, even a retirement plan, to attract and maintain consistently qualified, well-trained staff and to reduce turnover.

All employees participate in ongoing training in early childhood education each year with a required number of training hours. Many far exceed the minumum number of hours. Each new teacher goes through an extensive orientation process upon joining Bluebonnet. Every new employee undergoes a background check as well as FBI fingerprinting. The background checks are rerun every two years of employment.