We Focus on Each Child

A strong partnership between parents and teachers can make the child’s experience at Bluebonnet a beneficial experience for both parent and child.

Our focus is on the well-being of your child. Please also share with your child’s teacher your goals for your child’s activities and services, as well as any developmental accomplishments, special interests or other information you feel may be appropriate. As a partner in your child’s care, please keep us informed as to any illness, changes within the family unit or changes in sleeping schedules, eating habits, teething or anything else which will help us provide quality care for your child. To help your child feel more at home in the class, teachers will request photos from home of family members which are posted in the classroom for the child to see every day.

Bluebonnet School has an open-door policy regarding parent visits. We encourage you to visit the classroom. We invite parents to accompany us on field trips or to just spend their lunch hour with us and share a meal. Your child will be pleased you came. Talk to your child’s teacher about other ways you can contribute to the classroom.