Pool and Splashpad

How Bluebonnet Children Stay Cool in the Summertime.

imageOur children love the splashpad. Everyone agrees that summer months can be very hot in Texas, and playground outdoor time can be limited because of the heat. In 2002 when Bluebonnet first opened we made the decision to include the splashpad and pool in our original plan for the school – for children’s safety and cool summer fun. Classrooms have a regular weekly schedule for splashpad time. Most years weather is warm enough to enjoy the splashpad from late April through early October.

The splashpad is spacious, with no standing water, featuring dumping buckets, water cannons, a fun spraying rainbow, lots of ground sprays and even a water table with constantly running water for children’s imaginary play.

To conserve our water supply, water from the splashpad is re-circulated. For safety and sanitation, that water is treated with both chlorine and UV light.

imageLearning to swim is an essential part of growing up. Bluebonnet makes it easy for parents by providing swim lessons during the summer in our on-site pool, eliminating the need to transport children to lessons off our campus during at-home time.

Waterloo Swimming is Bluebonnet’s partner by providing their professional and well-trained swim teachers to work with our children in our pool. Parents enroll children in lessons through Waterloo Swimming. Classes are formed by skill level and age of the children, with a maximum of three children per class

Free swim is available for our school-age children, but only after they are given a swim test to determine their skill level. If a child prefers not to swim in the pool, the amazing splash pad is available for water play as an alternative.