Love of Learning Begins Here

At Bluebonnet we believe that a lifetime of learning begins with a child’s first moment of wonder. We believe children learn and develop best in a happy, secure, nurturing, safe creative and stimulating environment. We believe in providing the very best in early childhood education through caring and highly trained teachers who provide rich learning experiences and problem solving.

Children‘s natural curiosity about the world around them is their strongest driving force to learning. Children learn best through play driven by that curiosity.

Small Groups & Great Teachers Our small group sizes enable our teachers to focus on the needs of each individual child, to know each child well and to guide their curiosity. Our frequent and varied communication with parents about each child’s individual developmental progress makes the parent/teacher partnership a strong element in our teaching.

Our caring teachers value this curiosity, encourage the development of language, provide well designed and appropriate learning environments, instill a love of learning and build one-on-one relationships with the children and their parents.

At Bluebonnet School, we embrace that journey through a curriculum where literacy, math, music, science, art and other academic subjects are presented and pursued through carefully designed purposeful, play-based activities.

Respecting Our Differences. Bluebonnet has a commitment to making children and their families feel welcome in our school family. Bluebonnet children learn to respect differences in racial, religious and cultural backgrounds and to value each person individually.