Every Child Has Musical Potential

All Bluebonnet’s preschool classes enjoy lively visits from our music teacher weekly. She brings children live instrumental music, singing, and movement enabling the children to learn rhythm, pitch and the joy of making music. The program brings together music and instruments from many cultures to expose children to different kinds of music.

Every child has musical potential. Music, especially if you include tapping, clapping, bouncing, and dancing, is practically a gym for fine and large motor control. Music training has been found to be related to better language and math skills, and overall greater academic achievement.

Music Enrichment Classes

Give your child the gift of music! We offer music options to further strengthen children’s musical skills.

  • Music and Movement Fun for 2s and young 3s is based on your child’s natural love of music.
  • Music for Little Mozarts for 3, 4 and 5 year olds teachers musical skills through games using a piano keyboard
  • Piano for 5 year olds and older uses a student-centered approach to teach expression and theory and to develop a “musical mind and heart.”
  • Ukulele classes for 4s and 5s enables students to discover rhythm, melodies, and simple chords while playing fun songs and even composing their own songs
  • Guitar classes for 5 year old and older presents simple chords, and beginning music theory while learning and composing fun songs.