Chess is Here!


Chess Is Here

Bluebonnet School has chosen to partner with The Knight School to offer our preschoolers the Little Geniuses program introducing chess.

Only for kids ages 3-5, Little Geniuses comes one day per week and puts on a high-energy 45-minute chess practice in which kids play chess for Mardi Gras beads and other fun stuff, compete weekly for one of 20 brightly-colored silicone wristbands, sing songs and play games about chess. Check out The Knight School YouTube page.

Our kiddos have told us it is WAAY more fun than it should be. And each student gets their own chess board and chess pieces.

It is widely accepted that playing chess improves concentration and memory. A study done at the University of Memphis has shown that playing chess improves children’s visual memory, attention span and spatial reasoning ability. Other studies have shown it fosters critical thinking and creativity by having kids think about all possible moves.

Stop by the front desk to sign up!